About Us

Bantu Urban Fitness Fanatics (B.U.F.F) was established on October 2015 by a postgraduate student fascinated in understanding and addressing the social ills and health behaviors of the country. BUFF started as just one student who had a love for travelling, nature and purposeful life, soon grew into a business supported by a team of inspired and dedicated young professional on a mission to expose the masses to the beauty that the country withholds, in a way that would be both beneficial and pleasant to their clients’ livelihoods.

B.U.F.F believes in exploring the outdoors through an array of activities, where hiking is our main focus to achieve our mission. We tailor our experiences to ensure that our BUFFtribe members receive an experience that is truly stress relieving, scenic and a memorable experience. 

Not only do we offer a hiking experience where the scenery is guaranteed to leave you breathless but we also offer the experience of connecting with people whether it be a stranger, family, colleague or friend; the B.U.F.F team will bring you closer to those around you.

We not only try to help improve our clients’ lives but we also aim to improve the lives of our peers by tackling the unemployment issues facing the youth of South Africa today by creating entry level jobs for youth with geography, zoology, sport and anthropology backgrounds.

So whether you’re trying to get fit, get more in touch with nature and people or just trying to get away from the stress of the city life; B.U.F.F hikes are the best option for you to get what you need.

The BUFFtribe is a warm and welcoming tribe and we encourage you to come and join us and be a part of the movement.